Text Messaging

High-impact and timely delivery, personal attention, over 90% open rate, extremely high purchase rate and all opt-in. Is this marketing nirvana?

Businesses and organizations are rapidly changing the way they communicate with their customers and members. Postcards, letter/envelopes and other print advertisements are being replaced by email. However email is blocked by spam filters, not read, and often lost in the avalanche of other messages. Mobile SMS text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

A key foundation of mobile marketing campaign is mobile keyword, upon which you can create various mobile campaigns such as voting, survey, 2-way texting, or text-to-screen display.

Here’s how it works:

1. You publish a Mobile Keyword for your Campaign

2. You instruct your customers to send your Mobile Keyword to our 5-digit shortcode number

3. Your customers get a coupon or message instantly to their phone

4. You capture their mobile number in your database for future campaigns

5. Their keyword helps you segment your mobile database based on product of interest

Did You Know??
SMS Text Messages are terrific for extending offers and coupons.

But SMS Text Messages are also a great technology for appointment reminders for chiropractors & dentists, and service reminders for automotive and home services.


Did You Know??
By sending your keyword to our shortcode number, they are opting in to your database, thus letting you communicate with them for future campaigns.

They can opt out at anytime. Instantly.

Honest, ethical marketing.

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