Location Based Marketing

Imagine sending a coupon to your customers when they were walking or driving within 1/8 mile of your restaurant? Or imagine sending a greeting to customers as they entered your shopping center? This is all possible now with Location Based Marketing.

Location Based Services

Restaurants and Retailers can acquire new customers by setting up campaigns with major Location Based Apps such as Foursquare, SCVNGR, FriendsAround, Yelp and more.

When your customers use these apps to “check in” at their location, you have an opportunity to present a coupon or message to entice them to visit you.

Trigger Mobile can help you get setup with these Location Based Service apps and then manage and optimize the campaign to maximize return on investment.

Near Field Communications (NFC)
This technology allows you to communicate information between devices within 2-20 centimeters. Great way to implement Google Wallet or PayPal to allow customers to make payments with their smart phone, or as an alternative to clunky QR Codes.

Bluetooth Marketing
Bluetooth allows you to communicate with customers within a 10 meter radius. This is an innovative technology to interact with customers when they are in a specific area inside your business like a store dept or check out area.

Location Based Advertising
By leveraging GPS and geo fencing technology, you can communicate with your customers over much wider distances.

For example, you may want to display a 25% OFF ad for your business on customer’s smart phones when they are within 1 mile of your business.

Let Trigger Direct help you make it happen.

Did You Know??
Chili’s ran a Foursquare promotion to send coupons for free cheese dip to anyone checking in within 200 yards of their restaurant. Now THAT’s marketing at just the right time in just the right place.

Did You Know??
Lynx body sprays installed highly visible vinyl floor signs in high traffic areas of various colleges. Students that stood near these signs were encouraged to download a simple Lynx-branded dating application via Bluetooth.

Did You Know??
Subway used Location Based Advertising to target customers that were nearby a Subway restaurant. First their customers would opt into the campaign, then they would get special coupons delivered as multimedia text messages (MMS) to their phones at just the right time in just the right place.

Did You Know??
Jimmy Choo, a famous designer of women’s shoes, used Foursquare to create a scavenger hunt promotion where winners received a pair of shoes in their style and size of choice.

Did You Know??
Outdoor clothing and gear supply company, REI used ShopAlerts to engage customers at just the right time in just the right location. Those that opted into the campaign received an SMS text message with special discounts when they were near the store. 69% of ShopAlert customers said the messages increased their likelihood of visiting an REI store. In addition, 65% said they made a purchase because of ShopAlerts and 73% said they would buy in the future.

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