App Development

Apps are successful when there is a clear clear strategy to deepen your customer relationship, ideally by addressing a specific customer need with a viral aspect that generates repeat, if not addictive, usage.

Why do you need an App?

Apps for iPhones and Android devices are the rage these days. Many apps offer all users all sorts of interesting benefits in various categories such as business utilities, financial tools, education, news, travel, shopping, games and social network.

If you are going to invest in an app, you need to have a clear strategy that helps you Deepen Your Relationship with Your Customer.

Your app needs to address a specific customer need and have a viral aspect that generates repeat, if not addictive, usage.

Many corporations like Coca-Cola are creating apps that give you an opportunity to interact with their brand in an addictive game.

Other companies like ESPN simply make it easy for you to get the up-to-the-second scores for your favorite teams.

Apps can also be a revenue generator in terms of attracting display ad sponsors and/or selling your app in the iTunes store or Android Marketplace.

Trigger Mobile will help you with your app marketing strategy, and then develop you app for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms.

Be sure to have a solid marketing budget behind your app to promote it and drive customers target sites where your app can be downloaded.

Let Trigger Direct help you make it happen.

Did You Know??
Apps used in last 30 days:
64% games
60% weather
56% social networking
51% maps
44% music
39% news
34% entertainment
32% banking
(Nielsen, June 1, 2010)

Did You Know??
Good reasons to develop an app:
a. deepen customer relationship with brand
b. content distribution
c. viral game
d. niche utility


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